Jules Maxfield


Foot Reflexology Treatment​                                                             £35   for 60 mins

Traditional treatment, helping the body to restore its natural balance, focusing on your individual needs identified during your initial consultation*

* Initial treatment will include full client consultation, time 1 1/4 hrs.


Aromareflex                                                                                        £35   for 60 mins

The art and science of Aromatherapy involves using natures pure essential oils to support the body with physical and emotional conditions.    Aromareflex combines this with Traditional Reflexology to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment by having your own own individual blend of oils specific for your needs.


Facial Reflexology Bergmann Method™                                        £40    for 60 mins

The unique benefit of Facial Reflexology is that not only does it help improve your health and wellbeing, it can also help you look better, younger and have a healthy glow.    Many clients site Facial Reflexology as being 'even more' relaxing that Foot Reflexology.


Indian Head Massage                                                                          £25 for 50 mins

Traditional seated head massage


* Bundle pricing also available *

* When booking a bundle of 6 treatments, get 1 treatment free *

Zone Face Lift                                                                                     £50 for 75 mins

​The Zone Face Lift is a natural holistic treatment that combines Facial Reflexology  with advanced facial massage techniques, to naturally lift your face, improve skin tone and rebalance your body.

" Naturally lifts your face and spirit "

I have trained in London with Ziggie Bergmann who pioneered this brilliant new facial treatment, being hailed by many as a credible alternative to Botox.

12 week Zone Face Lift Programme                                               

12 treatments for the price of 10 when booking a full programme

6 week programmes also available